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What is “Natural gas is 3E ” ?


Natural gas is currently fighting for its position in the energy mix in fierce competition with other energy sources. On the one hand there is a “boom” of expensive equipment based on renewable resources that are wrongly perceived as the main solution to the problems of climate change, on the other hand, there is the factor of energy poverty, which forces consumers to choose sources that are harmful to health and the environment. Somewhere between these extremes is the almost forgotten natural gas, which does not want to be and is not an enemy of renewables, but an appropriate partner in the common fight to mitigate the effects of global warming.

Heating with natural gas appears to be the most efficient and affordable tool in tackling our air pollution. Little is known about it in general, and therefore our media campaign entitled “Natural gas is 3E” focuses on explaining the benefits of natural gas, with emphasis on eco-friendliness, economic effectivity and energy efficiency (EPB).

Natural gas is 3EThe 3E Logo is gradually appearing in all the activities of external and internal communications as well as marketing. Based on the analysis of the media environment in Slovakia we have focused the campaign on several target groups and we have chosen the principal types of media through which to spread our message. At present, most of campaigns are carried out on social networks and in the online environment generally. There is a growing number of people spending a substantial part of the day in the online environment. We determined the formats of our advertising based on this fact and we have started to be much more active on the social networks Facebook, Instagram and the YouTube video portal. Our aim is to interest visitors to the site and our profiles on social networks through interesting (often new) information, videos, photos, graphics and text. Something different, however, appeals to each target group, therefore we adapt the content and form based on age, education and targeting particular groups. Since we focus mainly on the segment of heating, promotion of natural gas as a commodity it is closely linked with the construction of houses.

We will address each of the target groups in turn throughout the year. In spring 2019, we launched the first video promo and we are presenting others at intervals of 5-6 weeks. During the heating season, we place more emphasis on ecology and health, during the summer we emphasise the economic benefits, the availability of natural gas and preparing for the winter in the form of ensuring comfortable heating for oneself and one’s parents. These attributes of natural gas will be promoted through educational and animated videos.

We are implementing the campaign “Natural gas is 3E” through professional and non-specialist media articles, videos, social networks, radio spots and ads in relevant print and broadcast media to raise awareness among the general public. This significant campaign is important for changing the public mindset not only in terms of the economic benefits of this source of heating, but also in terms of responsibility for the environment we live in, and responsibility for the air that we breathe.