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H2 Pilot - DSO 10% Hydrogen blending project

Blatná na Ostrove village

  • 300 customers
  • 255 boilers
  • 203 stoves
  • 6 water heaters
  • Gasified in 1994
  • Houses, apartments, SMEs
  • 9km network – steel 80%, PE 20%
Blatná na Ostrove

Green H2
(use of guarantees of origin)

Project Timeline

January 2022

  • Expert opinion and permit: DSO assets (10% blend)

March 2022

  • Inspections – consumers’ premises
  • Passportization of appliances
  • Communication and PR activities

May 2022

  • Expert opinion and permit: Off-take installations and appliances (10% blend)
  • Manufacturer opinions

Jun 2022

  • Expert opinion and permit: Mixing and blending facility
  • Testing phase

Jun – September 2022 – Approved blending operation:

  • Admixing 10% H2 in local grid
  • Special procedures and activities
    • Gas composition measurements
    • Real energy consumption
    • Controls and inspections
  • Final report – Conclusions and recommendations

Activities during realization phase of the project 6-9/2022

  • Blending quality online monitoring
  • Blend homogeneity testing
  • Tightness controls
  • Old-type appliances control

Key Findings

  • blending device worked reliably, dosing continuously and in the required volumes,
  • chromatographic measurements performed on a weekly basis:
    • demonstrated the homogeneity of the distributed mixture (approx. 10% in all parts of the municipal network)
    • confirmed that H2 does not separate from the mixture
    • after proper mixing at the dosing point the blend behaves homogeneously in the network
    • if there are leaks of distributed gas blend, all components of the mixture are leaking (both methane and odorant, not just hydrogen),
  • sniffing tests and measurements performed demonstrated a high-quality and sufficient level of network odorization and proved that H2 does not negatively affect the typical smell of the distributed gas in any improper way,
  • inspection of the most risky end devices (32 oldest and/or atmospheric boilers and 25 stoves) during 3 months of use with a 10% mixture showed positive results in all cases – ignition, flame stability, functionality,
  • leak detection surveys performed proved tightness of the network,
  • from the start of the project in the village on 15/06/2022 until its completion on 30/09/2022, no relevant reports or complaints were recorded by customers

Conclusions and future prospects

Previous experience confirms that blending 10% vol. of hydrogen into the distributed gas does not have a negative impact on the safety, reliability and standard operation of gas facilities and common gas appliances – stoves, boilers and water heaters.

By carrying out the pilot project, we have moved significantly further in our effort to gradually prepare the entire distribution network for a mixture of gases containing hydrogen, or the future distribution of pure hydrogen in selected parts of the network.


Project contact person

Peter Demeč

Head of Strategy and Development


About SPP-distribucia, a.s.

  • Slovakia – 2nd most gasified EU country
  • 94% population – access to natural gas
  • 33 400 km network
  • 6 300 km high pressure (25-63 Bar)
  • 27 100 km city networks up to 4 Bar
  • 5 mil. customers
  • consumption 5 BCM/y